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chiropractic care

Timber Linn highly recommends using massage therapy alongside chiropractic adjustments. Our spine is surrounded and connected to soft tissue, muscle to tendons, that control the movement and flexibility of the spine that could cause or worsen a structural problem. Tight, weakened, or over-stretched muscles and ligaments can prolong spinal problems and postpone healing.

Massage therapy is helpful in relieving these kinds of soft tissue problems. Chiropractors work with bones and joints, and massage therapists work with muscle. When used together as adjunct therapies they are both compatible and complementary.

Massage can be performed as preparation for chiropractic adjustment because it relieves the muscle tension that may be pulling joints out of alignment and make it easier to adjust. Massage is an extremely relaxing experience, and a relaxed body is easier for the chiropractor to work with.

In addition, as a chiropractor corrects the structural problems that are causing or limiting your mobility, massage can compliment the healing process by stretching and relaxing muscles that have been aggravated by these structural problems, making it easier for you to stretch and exercise, and thus more quickly achieve a state of well being.