More than 100 million Americans suffer from symptoms associated with allergies, spending more than $200 Billion yearly. The most common choice of allergy suffers is to temporarily suppress the body's response using Anti-Histamines.

Allergies have been thought to be a weakness in our immune system, or an aversion to specific substances, however that view has clouded the more complete understanding of the true cause of the condition.

EmOTox is a Low Level Induction Laser Therapy that has unparalleled results in retraining your body's physical responses to allergens. Not only will this non-invasive system identify, address and resolve allergic responses to thousands of potential factors, but you can expect to improve in areas that were being affected by hypersensitivity and metabolic imbalances in just ONE session.

The treatment is completely painless and does not use shots, needles or drugs. EmOtox treatments using Low Level Laser Therapy, gently sending digital signatures of the allergens you are being treated for in the auricular therapy points on your ear. This specific laser guided treatment stimulates nerve bundles that correspond to the major organ systems and temporarily strengthening the organ systems while being exposed to the allergen forming a positive assocation with the allergen. This retrains your nervous system pathways not to react inappropriately to these normally harmless substances.